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SOULSPEAKS 5D: Jessica Sanchez Romo AN UNCONVENTIONAL HEALER Jessica Sánchez-Romo, MD is an international speaker and channel, celebrated for her unique blend of healing skills and gifts. Many ‘spiritually curious’ people are attending Jessica's workshops to reprogram unconscious beliefs and reawaken their innate intuition. Her comprehensive skill is defined by her grounded approach to dissolving the divide between the material and metaphysical and unlocking the mysticism in manifestation and quantum healing. Often, even single sessions can equate to years of traditional therapy and helping people make lifetimes of change through psychological processes, channeled lessons and somatic healing.

Jessica's direct experience, touching people as a medium and channeled messages from higher consciousness, that she’s translated into unique formulas and tools to empower people to live at their fullest expression. With humor and relatability, Jessica has an unparalleled gift of taking deep, intense work and making it social, aspirational and highly engaging.

WHO MIGHT BENEFIT Our understanding of our own spirituality has always been important to each of us, in various degrees. This is true in the mainstream as well as the health and wellness industry. Jessica’s joyful and approachable nature attracts even the most spiritual skeptics, and her down to earth vibe creates an environment that is both laid back and deeply educational. Her following is growing rapidly. Celebrities, sports teams, thought leaders, artists, and even other psychics have sought Jessica's expertise. She supports purpose driven individuals who are ready to delve into self-discovery, find the root of their spiritual obstacles, and, ultimately, lead with their soul so they can live fully aware and awake lives.

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