A Fully-Encompassing Package designed to change your life. Includes Eight One-on-One Sessions, Four Telephone Sessions and Membership in Jessica's Private Online Group, which is held on an ongoing basis. This experience is the very heart of what Jessica offers, and it is truly worthy of the title “transformational.”  

Through her gifts of multi-dimensional healing, mediumship, and medical intuition, she guides you through transitioning your personal path from one of the mundane to that of an awakened journey where awareness and awakening become reality.  Always utilizing divine energies and keeping within a divine format, Jessica molds and shapes the transformational experience to each person as an individual, yet always uses her skills and gifts with the highest purpose and highest good, as a foundational framework. 

Are you still contemplating whether you are ready to embark upon a journey of transformation? Are you unsure as to which type of healing serves you best? Jessica gladly s...
Free Connection Session
30 Min
Free Consultation

Increasing one’s spiritual awareness and embarking upon a journey of transformation are aided by, but not limited to:  sacred healing arts, higher self awareness exercises, color therapy, crystal therapy, Reiki, sound and vibrational therapy, the alignment of chakras AND the whole body, and connecting with one’s own spiritual guides.  Every transformational session is carefully planned and protected both spiritually and physically by Jessica so as to ensure the safest most enriching experience possible.  


Moreover, each moment is tailored to a person’s individual needs and goals.  One emerges with an invigorated energy and a real knowledge of having communed with the Divine.  
If this description aligns with your interests or goals, please use the contact form to introduce yourself to Jessica and take the first step in beginning a spiritually-enlightened and transformational path!